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Barnett Performance Clutch

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Since 1948, Barnett clutch plates have been made from the finest materials available. Through research and development, we are constantly striving to offer the best possible friction material for your Boulevard. Barnett tempered steel drive plates go through a vibratory de-burring process and then are quality checked for flatness to provide optimum performance.

Suzuki M95 Barnett Clutch Kit 302-45-20018

M95 Barnett Carbon Fiber Friction Plates

  • Includes all Carbon Fiber friction plates


  • M95 (2004 - 2005)

Sug. Retail $147.95
PCS Price $133.95Free shipping on this product



Suzuki M90 Barnett Clutch Kit 303-70-20074

M90 Barnett Carbon Fiber Clutch Kit

  • Includes all Carbon Fiber friction plates, steel plates and springs


  • M90 (2009 - 2013)

Sug. Retail $244.95
PCS Price $220.95Free shipping on this product



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